Our team performs all cardiac and thoracic surgical operations for adults.

In cardiac surgery, we do coronary artery operations, cardiac valve replacements and aortic and mitral valvuloplasties, thoracic and thoraco-abdominal surgery, surgery for atrial fibrillation and interatrial communication.

In thoracic surgery, we operate on lung cancer, emphysema and mediastinal tumors, and treat both pneumothorax and palmo-plantar hydrosis by video-assisted surgery.


Our fields of research are: quality of life in patients after cardiac and thoracic surgery, methods of myocardial protection, and the importance of procalcitonin dosage in thoracic surgery.


Our department is located in the Heart and Lung Center of Jean Minjoz Hospital in Besanšon, France.

How to find us .

Department of Thoracic and Cardiocascular Surgery
University Hospital
Heart and Lung Center
Jean Minjoz Hospital
Bd Fleming
25030 Besanšon Cedex
+ 33 381 66 81 80

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Techniques of Coronary Anastomosis

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In cardiac surgery

- Surgery of the left ventricular ejection pathway, with preservation of the native aortic valve
- Epicardial treatment of atrial fibrillation
- Mitral valve surgery by video-assisted mini-thorocotomy
- Open heart coronary bypass surgery
- Coronary bypass surgery using arterial grafts only
- Aortic, mitral, and monobloc aorto-mitral homografts

Last update November 2018